Child Development 292 (01)
Seminar in Exam Option
Fall, 2009 - Hembree


Exam Petition Guidelines

Your exam petition is a proposal for taking the exam option as your culminating experience for the MA program. It includes a statement of intent and justification for taking the exam option, a summary and justification of the focal topic, proposed focal topic exam questions, and a plan for exam preparation. Please address the following areas in your proposal. Your responses should be in paragraph form using the headings below and APA-style citations and format. Include a title page.


In a paragraph or two, state your intent to sit for a comprehensive exam on the four proposed topics (including your focal topic). Next, explain your reasons for choosing the exam option over a thesis or project as a culminating experience and what you think the exam option will offer in terms of a learning experience.


Briefly and succinctly state your proposed focal topic, including the scope of the area you to propose to cover (e.g., “theory of mind as it relates to social competence”, or “development of prospective memory in preschoolers”). Describe briefly the significance of the topic in the field (i.e., of what importance is this body of literature to the professional or academic discipline?).

Referring to your 20-reference Annotated Bibliography completed in CHDV 292 (and attached as Appendix A), summarize two or three key issues/concepts/controversies revealed by your review, citing relevant research using APA style. Choose 5-7 key readings from the annotated bibliography that will serve as the reading list for your focal topic exam questions.


Provide four essay exam questions based on the key articles you reviewed for the focal topic. For each question, explain why it would be adequate assessment of your understanding of this literature.


Provide an overview of your plan to prepare for the exam. What tasks will you need to accomplish? What supports (e.g., peers, families, writing assistance) will you need and how will you go about putting these supports in place? What study materials have you developed (and/or will you develop) to prepare for each section of the exam (provide examples). Provide a timeline for preparation/study activities leading up to the exam date in March (and attach as Appendix B).


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