Child Development 292 (01)
Seminar in Exam Option
California State University, Sacramento
Fall, 2010

CSUS   College of Education   Department of Child Development  


bullet  10/6/10
bullet  9/1/10


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  • I have made some adjustments to the class schedule and assignments. Draft exam petition are due via email this week, and this week and next should be devoted to reading and summarizing part one of the exam reading list. Response essay #3 is due when we next meet on 10/20.
  • Be sure to submit your CHDV 505 Reservation form to the department office by October 15th. This form is used to manually enroll you in CHDV 505 next semester once you complete CHDV 292.
  • Check out the updated exam list page. Additional readings for part one of the reading list have been scanned and posted.












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Hello and welcome! Here are a few things to keep in mind as we begin the course.

  • We are a small group this semester, so well be meeting only once per month or so during our regularly scheduled time (Wed 5-8). We have the option of meeting at a nearly cafe instead of on campus, so let me know if that works for you.
  • We will not hold class the first class session (9/1). Instead, I would like to meet for the first time during the second week of classes (September 8th), so that you can have time to peruse the course web page and exam list, and to do some reading I've assigned, and complete your first essay assignment.
  • Take some time this week to peruse the course web page, especially the schedule and resources pages. Check out too the assignments page with links to detailed handouts on each assignment. You needn't print everything out, just those things (e.g., handouts) that will be useful to have as hard copies. Be sure to check class schedule and this announcements page each week for updates.
  • Readings for the course have been posted as pdf files on the web site but are password protected. Please see me for a password.
  • Please bring your laptop (if you have one), to class with you as we will be practicing writing essays during class time.

Looking forward to a successful semester!












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