Child Development 292 (01)
Seminar in Exam Option
Fall, 2010 - Hembree


Response Question 4

Due 11/5 (via email)

Using your readings for part one of the reading list, address the following practice exam question in a 4-5 page formal essay (For now, use the readings as you would in writing any class paper. We will practice a timed question later). Your paper should be written using APA style (e.g., double-spaced, 12-point Roman font, 1-inch margins with page numbers on upper right).

Design a study to address a research question related to one of the following: (a) teacher expectations, (b) reading/literacy development, or (c) effective classroom practices. Use the research literature to justify your question, design a study to address the question, and discuss the limitations inherent in your study, including issues related to internal validity, ethics, measurement, and generalizability.



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