Curriculum Vitae

(December 7, 2011)

Brett Holland, Ph.D.

Department of Biological Sciences,

CSU Sacramento,

6000 J Street,

Sacramento, CA  95819-6077


FAX: (916) 278-6993

Cell:  (916) 317-9670




Ph.D. Biological Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1999.

M.S. Biological Sciences, California State University, Sacramento, 1993.

B.S. Zoology, University of California, Davis, 1989.                                                                           


current position

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, California State University, Sacramento, 2003-present.


teaching experience

CSU, Sacramento, 2003-present.

General Genetics: upper division, major requirement, lecture and laboratory (14 semesters)

Evolution: graduate, lecture and discussion (7 semesters)

Evolution: upper division, lecture and discussion (2 semesters)

Biology: A Human Perspective, lower division, GE/non-majors  (2 semesters)

Cell and Molecular Biology Seminar (3 semesters)

Honors Research Proseminar: lecture (2 semesters)

Basic Biological Concepts laboratory, lower division core course for majors, (1 semester)

Basic Biological Concepts lecture, lower division, GE/non-majors (1 semester)


Teaching Assistant, UCSC, 1993-99.

Behavioral Ecology, Psychobiology, Sociobiology, General Genetics, General Biology, Biology of AIDS


Part-Time Faculty, CSU, Sacramento, fall 1990.

General biology laboratory


research experience

Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2000-03, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Research:  Developmental evolutionary genetics – testing for conservation of ‘housekeeping’ genes’ expression during embryogenesis through interspecific comparisons of mRNA expression patterns using in situ hybridization.  Supervised post-graduate research assistant.


Post-Doctoral Researcher, 1999-00, University of California, Davis. 

Projects:  characterization of mRNA expression in Drosophila reproductive tissue using micro-arrays.  Evolutionary genetics of transposons using doc/Drosophila model.


Ph.D. Candidate, 1992-99, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Evolutionary genetics of sexual selection.  Used experimental evolution to test for gene (co)evolution within Drosophila populations.  Evaluated (1) sexually antagonistic genes’ abatement in the absence of sexual selection and (2) the rate of adaptive evolution as a function of sexual selection.  Coauthored hypothesis for the evolution of sexually selected ornaments based on antagonistic coevolution of loci with sex-specific selection coefficients.


M.S. Candidate, 1989-91, California State University, Sacramento, and Associate Research Scientist, 1991-92, Bayer Laboratories, Berkeley, CA.

Developed methods for the structural characterization of immunoglobulins using HPLC and affinity chromatography. 



Cabral, L.G. and B. Holland.  The truth behind wing-song: Testing the good-genes theory in Drosophila melanogaster. In prep.


Rice, W.R. and B. Holland.  2005.  Experimentally enforced monogamy: Inadvertent selection, inbreeding, or evidence for sexually antagonistic coevolution?  Evolution 59:682–685.


Stemmer, W. and B. Holland.  2004.  Survival of the fittest molecule. American Scientist 91:526-533.


Holland, B.  2002.  Sexual selection fails to promote adaptation to a new environment.  Evolution 56:721-730.


Pitnick, S., G.T. Miller, J. Reagan and B. Holland.  2001.  Males’ evolutionary response to experimental removal of sexual selection.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B 268:1071-1080.


Holland, B. and W.R. Rice.  1999.  Experimental removal of sexual selection reverses intersexual antagonistic coevolution and removes a reproductive load.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 96:5083-5088.


Rice, W.R. and B. Holland.  1999.  Reply to comments on the chase-away model of sexual selection.  Evolution 53:302-306.


Holland, B.  and W.R. Rice.  1998.  Perspective.  Chase-away sexual selection: antagonistic seduction versus resistance.  Evolution 52:1-7.


Rice, W.R. and B. Holland.  1997.  The enemies within:  intergenomic conflict, interlocus contest evolution (ICE) and the intraspecific red queen.  Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 41:1-10.


Holland, B.  and W.R. Rice.  1997.  Cryptic sexual selection – more control issues.  Evolution 51:321-324.



Holland, B., D.S. Arce and J.W. Bloom.  1992.  C-terminal peptide identification in complex peptide maps.  Poster:  American Chemical Society, National Meeting, San Francisco CA.



Plenary Addresses

2000       Society of Animal Behaviour, Sheffield University, UK.  Host – Dr. M. Siva-Jothy

1999       Biology of Spermatozoa, Castleton, UK.  Host – Dr. T. Birkhead

1998       Society for the Study of Evolution.  Symposium:  progress and prospects in experimental evolution.  University of British Columbia, Vancouver.  Rice, W.R. (speaker) and B. Holland


Invited Seminars

2008       United States Academic Decathlon (Evolution primer for ~200 high school students), Host Craig Irish

2006       University of CA, Davis.  Host – Nicole Mans

2005       University of  Akron, OH.  Host – Dr. Brian Bagatto

2004       CSU Humboldt, Humboldt, CA. Host – Dr. D. Goley

2000       Syracuse University, NY.  Host – Dr. S. Pitnick

1999       University of CA, Davis.  Host – Dr. T. Prout

1999       University of Chicago, IL.  Host – Dr. T. Karr

1999       University of Texas, Austin.  Host – Dr. D. Begun

1999       University of CA, Riverside.  Host – Dr. D. Reznick


Contributed Talks

2001       Society for the Study of Evolution.  Holland, B.,  O.E. Lazebny (speaker), S.V. Nuzhdin  University of Tennessee, Knoxville

1998       California Population & Evolutionary Genetics.  University of CA, San Diego

1998       Human Behavior & Evolution Society.  University of CA, Davis

1998       Society for the Study of Evolution.  University of British Columbia, Vancouver

1998       International Society for Behavioral Ecology.  Asilomar, Pacific Grove, CA

1997          Society for the Study of Evolution.  University of Colorado, Boulder


Grants and Awards
California State University, Sacramento

Goethe Foundation grant, 2004, 2005

Research and Creative Activities grant, 2006, 2008, 2009


National Science Foundation

Dissertation improvement grant (DEB-9623479), 1996


University of California, Santa Cruz

Department fellow, 1999.

GAANN (Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need) fellow, 1996-98

Summer fellow, 1995, 1996

Regents’ fellow, 1992


California State University, Sacramento

State graduate fellow, 1990

Graduate assistantship, 1989, 1990


Professional service and affiliations

Evolution International Journal of Organic Evolution

Sigma Xi


Peer Review – Manuscripts

American Naturalist

Animal Behaviour

Annals of the Entomological Society of America


Behavioral Ecology

Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology

Biology Letters



Entomological Society of America

Journal of Evolutionary Biology




Peer Review – Grant Applications

National Science Foundation, United States

Natural Environment Research Council, United Kingdom

Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

Israel Science Foundation