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    Letter of Recommendation

    Initially, email:

    1. Your full name (include middle name), as it appears on your application, and your student ID number (not your social security number).

    2. The semester(s) that you took my course(s).

    If I am able to write you a helpful evaluation letter, I will let you know. Then follow the instructions below and provide the requested information.
    1. Forms should be filled as completely as possible, including my name and contact information (below). Minimizing the work for someone who is performing a courtesy for you provides information about your thoughtfulness and ability to work with others.

    2. I prefer electronic submission, when possible. If I am to mail anything, I will need:
      • Stamps and address labels (if you want to prepare the envelopes yourself, CSUS envelopes are available from me).

    3. Your personal statement and electronic copy of your application, if applicable.

    4. Average hours employed each week, while in my course(s), employer, and supervisor's contact information.

    5. If you are requesting multiple types of letters (e.g., MD and DO, multiple scholarships, etc.),
      • How many (if any) printed copies are needed for each category of program (eg., MD and D0).

    6. E-mail a reminder to me one week before you want your letter to leave my office.

    7. I will email you when your letters are sent. If you do not receive an email when expected, then contact me ASAP.

    My contact information: (include the full zip code, or your materials may go to History-Professor Holland's mailbox).

    Brett Holland, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
    CSU Sacramento
    6000 J. St.
    Sacramento, CA

    E-mail: holland@csus.edu
    Tel:  916 278-7678
    FAX:  916 278-6993