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    BIO 184-Home

    Grade Sheet
    Genetics Library
    Service Learning (SL)

    Lab 1

    Presentation Resources
    Example presentation
    Presentation Guidelines

    PowerPoint tutorial

    Supplemental lab material
    Lab 1
    Transformation introduction
    Transformation-real life example
    Transformation music video
    Representative gel S'09
    Lab 2
    Identity testing intro
    Lab 4
    Supplemental reading
    Lab 5
    Chi-square supplement

    Lab 6

    Excel tutorial
    Regression with Excel 2007
    Regression with Excel 2003

    Online text (Griffiths, et al.) Secondary genetics source for course

    Genetics dictionary(secondary)

    Videos and Articles
    DNA packaging (& replication)
    DNA replication


    * Indicates a requirement

    SL Course Guidelines

    Community Engagement Center (CEC)

    Project RIDE

    BIO 184

    Bio 184, Student Volunteer Art

    Genetic disorders



    SacCT FAQ- for new and Open Univ. students

    IRT Help Desk - SacCT problems fixed

    Student Perceptions

    Campus map

    Course Canines



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    Brooker Web
    • For each Lecture file there is a corresponding chapter listed above. At the Brooker's website you will find a variety of resources. All categories are fair game (but focus on those questions/resources that relate to information/topics covered in lecture). Your exams will include material from those resources