Geology 103

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

Course material and Assignments

California State University, Sacramento


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Course requirements, syllabus and schedule

Week 1

Lecture:  Course introduction, weathering

Lecture:  Sedimentary textures, fabric, maturity

Lab:  No lab- compensation for field trip

Week 2

Lecture:  Classification of siliclastic sedimentary rocks

Lecture:  Fundamentals of fluid flow, density and viscosity, particle transport, Hjulstrom curve

Lab:  Grain size

Week 3

Lecture:  Bedform progression

Lecture:  Beds, bedding and primary sedimentary structures

Lab:  Sand texture, sand provenance

Week 4

Lecture:  Sedimentary structures

Lecture:  Sedimentary structures (continued)

Lab:  Clastic sedimentary structures

Week 5

Lecture:  Sandstone classification- Folk and Gilbert's classification systems

Exam #1: Wednesday, February 27th

Lab:  Petrology of silicilastic rocks: shale, siltstone, sandstone, conglomerate

Week 6

Lecture:  Mass movements, sediment gravity flows

Lecture:  Deep marine sedimentation, deep sea fans

Lab: Sandstone petrology: practice with Folk and Gilbert's systems


Weekend field trip: Measuring stratigraphic sections, deep sea fans in the field

(Saturday March 9th - Sunday March 10th)

Week 7

Lecture:  Alluvial fans

Lecture:  Braided streams

Lab:  Constructing stratigraphic columns using powerpoint

Week 8

Lecture:  Meandering, anastomosing streams

Lecture:  Lacustrine systems

Lab:  Constructing stratigraphic columns using powerpoint, cont'd

Spring break, Geology 111B field trip: March 22nd - 30th

Week 9

Lecture:  No class or lab Monday (Cesar Chavez Day)

Lecture:  Deltaic systems

Lab:  No lab this week

Week 10

Lecture:  Glacial deposition

Lecture:  Eolian deposits

Lab:  Sandstone petrography 1

Week 11

Exam #2: Monday, April 15th

Lecture:  Coal and carbonaceous rocks

Lab:  Sandstone petrography 2

Week 12

Lecture:  Evaporite minerals, evaporite deposits

Lecture:  Chert, ironstone, phosphate, glauconite

Lab:  Petrology of coal, carbonaceous rocks, chert, ironstone, phosphatic rocks, glauconite


Weekend field trip: Coastal processes, sedimentary environments

(Friday April 26th through Sunday April 28th)

Week 13

Lecture:  Carbonate classification and components (Folk and Dunham)

Lecture:  Carbonate mineralogy and stability

Lab:  Petrology of carbonate rocks

Week 14

Lecture:  Carbonate production, carbonate shelves

Video:  Carbonate reef ecology

Lab:  Carbonate petrography (thin sections)

Week 15

Lecture:  Modern and ancient reefs

Lecture:  Dolomitization, carbonate diagenesis

Lab practical exam

Comprehensive Final Exam: Monday, May 20th, 12:45-2:45