Geology 103 (Sedimentology and Stratigraphy)


California State University, Sacramento


Week 11:

Midterm #2 and Coal and Carbonaceous rocks


Upon completion of this unit students should be able to:

  • List and describe the properties of different grades of coal in hand specimen
  • List and describe the geochemical properties of different ranks of coal
  • Discuss the abundance of different types of coal in the world and in the United States
  • Evaluate the environmental issues with burning a particular type of coal.


Reading Assignments:

Lecture 17: Coal and carbonaceous rocks- Boggs, 5th edition, pp. 194-202


Please fill out a reading log for this week.  Reading logs are extra credit this week, and are due at the start of class on Wednesday.


Reading log


Class notes:

Lecture 17 notes


Graphics from lectures:

Lecture 17 graphics


Test review:

Several approaches will help you succeed on the first midterm exam.  You should study your notes, review reading sections from the book, review lab material, and practice with old exams and study guide questions.


Copies of old exams are available to help review for the first midterm:


2007 midterm

2008 midterm 

2009 midterm 

2010 midterm 

2011 midterm 


You may find questions on the old exams that we did not cover in lecture, lab or readings.  You can ignore those questions.

Key for 2013 midterm #2

Study guide for the first exam: 

Study guide for midterm #2

Questions on the study guide are similar to questions you can expect on the first midterm exam. 


Lab this week-


Sandstone petrography week #2.  We will meet in the Petrography lab (Placer Hall rm. 1002).  Please remember- no drinks or food in the lab.


I will pass out a copy of the lab.  If you need another copy you can click here:


Sandstone petrography lab


Due date:  start of lab, next week. You will have two weeks to complete this lab, and the lab will receive double credit. 


Grading:  Neatness counts!!  Part of your grade will be based on neatness and artistic drawings of sandstone composition and texture.  Use colored pencils as appropriate to show the different features.