Geology 103 (Sedimentology and Stratigraphy)


California State University, Sacramento


Week 15:

Modern and ancient reefs,

Dolomitization and carbonate diagenesis



Upon completion of this unit students should be able to:

  • Diagram and discuss the facies that Longman used to describe a modern, mature coral reef
  • Summarize the major time periods in geologic history when reefs were common
  • Discuss the differences in biological constituents as reefs changed through time
  • Define diagenesis
  • Discuss the chemical and mineralogic reactions that lead to the precipitation of protodolomite



Reading Assignments:

Lecture 24: Modern and ancient reefs- Boggs, 5th edition, pp. 321-328


Lecture 25: Carbonate diagenesis and dolomite formation- Boggs, 5th edition, pp. 147-158


Please fill out a reading log for this week.  Reading logs are due at the start of class on Wednesday.


Reading log


Class notes:

Lecture 24 notes

Lecture 25 notes


Graphics from lectures:

Lecture 24 graphics

Lecture 25 graphics


Lab this week-


The lab final this week will be open book, open notes.  You will not be allowed to use a cell phone, laptop or other internet access.  Anything you can carry into the room may be used as a resource. 


Review for the final exam-


The final exam is comprehensive.  You should review your notes, assigned readings, on-line objectives, labs, field trips, and any other material that we covered in class.  This study guide will help you focus on questions from the carbonate section of the class. 


Carbonate study guide


Copies of old exams are available to help review for the first final:


2007 final

2008 final 

2009 final 

2010 final 

2011 final