Geology 103 (Sedimentology and Stratigraphy)

California State University, Sacramento

Week 4:

Sedimentary structures



Upon completion of this unit students should be able to:


  • Identify internal and bedding plane sedimentary structures

  • Discuss how sedimentary structures form

  • Distinguish between primary and secondary sedimentary structures


Reading Assignments:

Lecture 5: Beds and bedding- Boggs, 5th edition, pp. 65-71, 76-84


Lecture 6: Secondary sedimentary structures- Boggs, 5th edition, pp. 75-98


Fill out a weekly reading log for these assignments.  The weekly reading log is due Wednesday.


Reading log



Class notes:


Lecture 5 notes

Lecture 6 notes


Lecture graphics:


Lecture 5 graphics

Lecture 6 graphics


Lab: Sedimentary structures

Lab and homework:


In lab this week we will look at sedimentary structures in hand specimen.  I will pass out a worksheet in class, and you will fill in the worksheet during lab.  If you need extra time, you can turn in the worksheet at the start of class next week.


Link to an extra copy of the lab:


Sedimentary structures lab