Geology 127 (Hydrogeology)

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California State University, Sacramento


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Week 1

Evaporation, transpiration, precipitation, infiltration, runoff, stream flow

Week 2

Water resources in the Central Valley.  Underflow, baseflow, hydrograph separation, baseflow recession, gaining and losing streams, stream gauging, flood frequency curves

Week 3

Levee and reservoir construction and capacities, 100 year flood, assessing flood danger, Web access to river and flood data

Week 4

Density, porosity, effective porosity, porosity of sediments and rocks, specific yield, Darcy's law, hydraulic conductivity, intrinsic permeability

Week 5

Confined and unconfined aquifers, water table, capillarity and capillary fringe, storage, specific yield, compressibility, leakage, homogeneity, heterogeneity and isotropy

Week 6

Energy of a fluid, total hydraulic head, pressure head and elevation head


First midterm exam: Friday, October 5th


Week 7

Hydraulic head with variable density, horizontal and vertical gradient, flow refraction

Week 8

Specific discharge, average linear flow velocity, equations of groundwater flow, steady-state flow in confined and unconfined aquifers, flow lines and flow nets

Week 9

Flow net workshop; Theis solution

Week 10

Neuman-Witherspoon solution for unconfined; aquifer; Thiem equation, well interference, image wells                                                                        

Week 11

Theis solution, estimating transmissivity, hydraulic conductivity and storativity from field data



Week 12

Second midterm exam: Wednesday, Nov. 14

Theis solution, continued

Week 13

Cooper-Jacob time and distance drawdown methods to determine transmissivity, hydraulic conducitivity and storativity

No class on Friday- Happy Thanksgiving

Week 14

Water chemistry, Piper and Stiff diagrams

Week 15

Hydrogeologic boundaries, recharge/discharge areas, flow patterns in homogenous aquifers, transient flow, springs and lakes, fracture flow, saltwater intrusion, effects of underlying geology on hydrogeologic terrain.

Final Exam

Practice tests:

  2005 final exam
2006 final exam 2008 final exam
2009 final exam 2010 final exam

Final exam: Friday, December 14th, 8:00 - 10:00

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