Geology 230

Groundwater/ Surface Water Interaction

California State University, Sacramento

Week 1:

Stream Channel Classification


Upon completion of this unit students should be able to:

  • Use Rosgen, Miall, or Montgomery and Buffington's systems to classify a stream channel

  • Compare and contrast the stream classification systems

Reading Assignments:

We will discuss two stream channel classification systems this week:


1) EPA Watershed Academy, 2005, Fundamentals of the Rosgen Stream Classification System:  Accessed 8/29/05 at


Fundamentals of Rosgen classification


2) Montgomery, D. R., and Buffington, J. M., 1994, Channel-reach morphology in mountain drainage basins: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 109, pp. 596-611.


Montgomery and Buffington


3) Miall, A. D., 1977, Lithofacies Types and Vertical Profile Models in Braided River Deposits: A Summary, in, Fluvial Sedimentology Memoir 5, Fluvial Facies Models, pp. 597-604.






Tim's summary of stream classification:


Stream classification powerpoint


Tim's notes, stream classification:


Stream classification Word document