Geology 230

Groundwater/ Surface Water Interaction

California State University, Sacramento

Week 3:

Stream chemistry and the riparian zone    


Upon completion of this unit students should be able to:

  • Discuss lateral contributions to stream flow

  • Predict major ion distribution and movement in the shallow subsurface


Reading Assignments:

1) Jones and Mulholland:  pp. 83-107


2) Worman, A., Packman, A. I., Johansson, H., and Jonsson, K., 2002, Effect of flow-induced exchange in hyporheic zones on longitudinal transport of solutes in streams and rivers: Water Resources Research, v. 38, pp. 2-1 - 2-15.


Worman et al


3) Story, R. G., Howard, K. W. F., 2003, Factors controlling riffle-scale hyporheic exchange flows and their seasonal changes in a gaining stream: A three-dimensional groundwater flow model: Water Resources Research, v. 39, pp. 8-1 - 8-17.


Story et al


4) Edwardson, K. J., Bowden, W. B., Dahm, C., and Morrice, J., 2003, The hydraulic characteristics and geochemistry of hyporheic and parafluvial zones in Arctic tundra streams, north slope, Alaska: Advances in Water Resources, v. 26, pp. 90-7-923.


Edwardson et al





Tim's summary of Jones and Mulholland, pp. 83-107:


Stream chemistry and riparian zones


Daniel's presentation (Worman et al):


Worman summary



Mike's presentation (Edwardson et al):


Edwardson summary



Kent's presentation (Story et al):


Story summary