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Dr. Jacqueline Houston
Office: Sequoia 420A   email:
Chemistry Department phone: (916) 278-6684 Fax: (916) 278-4986
Mailing Address: 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819


The Semester begins Tuesday, September 2nd.
Lab will begin on Wed/Th Sept 3rd /4th. Attendance in lab is mandatory.

Course:  01    85109   LEC  TR     Mariposa 1000          1:30pm – 2:45 pm  J. Houston
        02   85110   LAB  MW     SQU426         10:00am-12:30pm     
        03   85111   LAB  MW     SQU426          2:00pm-4:30pm     
        04   85112   LAB  MW     SQU426          5:00pm-7:30pm     
        05   85113   LAB  TR       SQU426          7:30am-10:00am     
        06   85459   LAB  TR       SQU426          10:30am-1:00pm     
        07   85522   LAB  TR       SQU426          3:00pm-5:30pm   

Those students who wish to add-                                                                                   We will be adding according to the electronic waitlists for the lab sections. The electronic waitlist will be printed out before the semester begins and the lab instructors will have copies.  If you are on the electronic waitlist we will have your grade from Chem 1A. 

If your name is not on the electronic waitlist,  please go to the lab section that fits your schedule and put your name on the "hard copy" waitlist. If you are not on the electronic waitlist, and we have space to add you, you will need full, hardcopy transcripts that show class standing and your grade in Chem 1A. We will add (in lab) during the second lab period. No adding will be handled in lecture. All adds will be handled in lab.

First day in Lab (Wed/Th Sept 3rd/4th)

Make sure you attend. We are going over Keeping a laboratory notebook and Writing Lab Reports. Please bring you 1B lab manual.

We will also have a diagnostic quiz the first day of lab. This diagnostic quiz will consist of 15 questions and will be review material from Chem 1A. Topics include nomenclature, writing reactions, net ionic equations, solution stoichiometry (molarity), recognizing strong/weak acids and bases and titrations, enthalpy, electron configurations and molecular structure (VSEPR, VB and MO), and oxidation-reduction reactions, kinetics, just to name a few. You can only take the diagnostic once.

Please bring scantron form 882-E, a pencil and a calculator.

There is no penalty if you fail the diagnostic. The diagnostic is for your benefit only. It allows you to assess whether you are ready for Chem 1B.

Office Hours:

Dr. Houston
Tu/Th 2:45-3:45pm Sequ 420 and F 2-3pm HELP OFFICE

Lab Instructors:
Katie Smith:  TBD Sequ 530

Heidi Van Atta: TBD Sequ 528 T
Max Mahoney: TBD Sequ 530
Patrick Sparks (lecturer for Section 8): TBD Sequ 530



PALS instructor office hour



Mastering Course ID: CHEM1BHOUSTONF2014
make sure you enroll in F2014!

A quick guide on how to register for Mastering

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