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Pan African Studies

AmadorHall.jpg Pan African Studies at California State University, Sacramento is immersed in three worlds: (1) the African experience as represented in the United States, the Diaspora, and the continent; (2) academic excellence; (3) involvement in the Black community.

The unique synthesis of these three elements has established Pan African Studies in Sacramento as a program of distinction. Our curriculum addresses this dimension of life: What is the nature of the African world; under what conditions has it been formed; what adversities has it met in the past and what does it continue to meet; how has it been used to contribute to human civilization and well-being; and how can it be used in the effort to create a better world in memory of our ancestors, for us, and for those who come after us?

Students intellectually attracted to this synthesis can pursue a concentration in Pan African Studies as part of the major in ethnic studies.

BA Program in Ethnic Studies

Affiliation with the Pan African Studies Program
Cooper Woodson College Enhancement Program and Pan African Studies work collaboratively. A certificate in Pan African Studies is available through the Ethnic Studies Deaprtment. Only students enrolled in the Cooper-Woodson College Enhancement Program are eligible for the certificate. The Director of Pan African Studies certifies those graduated of the Cooper-Woodson Coll ege Enhancement Program who are eligible for the certificate. Total units required for the Pan African Studies Certificate are 24.

Last Updated: February 20, 2008