Phil. 103

Prof. Justin


Case Study 2


            Joan is an employee of a ceramic tile shipping company and is responsible for processing orders and passing them on to the shipping supervisor.  At a social gathering outside of work, she learns that one of the truck loaders, who is a close friend of the shipping supervisor, uses drugs both on and off the job.  Moreover, the truck loader is required to use a forklift when he loads the boxes of tiles.  Joan is worried that the loader’s use of drugs on the job endangers the other loaders but she is also concerned that if she reports the truck loader’s on the job drug use, she risks difficulties in working with the loading supervisor.  So Joan asks herself would it be reasonable to say nothing about the on job drug use in order to promote a conflict free work environment?




A.        Due in class or in my faculty mailbox or via e-mail no later than 12PM.

B.        Write a maxim that describes the action which Joan is considering in this case study. (Be sure to describe both the means she wants to use and the purpose she wants to achieve.)

C.        Universalize the maxim.

D.        Briefly explain why the universalized maxim has or does not have a practical contradiction in it.