Phil. 103

Prof. Justin

Review Sheet: Test 2




No make up tests will be given. If you cannot take the test at the assigned time, you must arrange with me to take the exam at the testing center BEFORE the scheduled date of the exam. No late finals exams or short essays will be accepted. The scond exam will be given from 12:30 to 3 PM on Tuesday, May 15th in Hinde Auditorium which is on the first floor of the University Union. Note that there are two parts to this exam. Part I consists of 10 short answers. See instructions below. Part I will be done in Hinde Auditorium and, blue book is required for Part I. Be prepared to have your bluebook checked. Part II consists of an approximately 3 page essay. This essay should be completed outside of class and be ready to hand in at the time of the test, not submitted via email. See below Part II for the essay question.

Part I (70 points):

A.        Be able to select 10 out of 15 words, phrases or sentences and state the meaning of these words, phrases, sentences. Link to Sample Answer.

B.         For each of the 10 words, phrases, sentences that you have selected be able to state the issue studied in the course to which the item is relevant. The issue is the question or topic that appears at the top of the outline view on which the item you select to explain appears.

Base your answers on readings in the assigned texts and on the lectures. Use complete sentences.

Blue Book is required for Part I.

1.         Not every untruth is a lie.

  1. The principle that protects against publicizing facts about a person is, not the right to property, but the right to be left alone.
  2. The development of surveillance systems is a feature of any advanced society.

4.         Excusing Conditions

5.         Puffery

6. From a moral point of view, advertising which lies, misleads or withholds relevant information is not acceptable.

7.         Strict Liability

8.         Clear and Present Danger Test

9.         "Business as practiced by individuals as well as by corporations has the impersonal character     of a game--a game that demands both special strategy and an understanding of its special    ethics."

10.       There is no reason to think that in any sense of deserve the most qualified deserve anything.

11.       External Whistle Blowing

12.       "[Hacker] break-ins illustrate security problems . . . . [which] suggests that hacking into a system should be seen as a kind of whistle blowing."

13.       Netiquette

14.       Record keeping is not new but the scale, scope and level of exchange is new.

15.       Moral Responsibility




Part II (30 points):

Write approximately three typewritten, double-spaced pages on the following question

Briefly describe a value conflict that you have experienced either on the job, at school or at home. Be sure that you select a conflict between two different values and not a conflict between a value and your self-interest. Then briefly explain how you resolved the conflict. Be sure to describe the considerations that motivated you to make your decision.