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Organic Chemistry:


Organic Chem. Tutorials and Demos:

Organic Chem Resources Worldwide

Organic Chem Help

pKa Values-of various compounds in DMSO

Organic Chem Help, again

Visual Demos-movies and demonstrations

Organic Chemistry Tutorials--videos from Claremont College

Acronyms-search for the meaning of common chemical acronyms

Organic Chemistry Tutorials--videos from Khan Academy

Solvent Properties-Lists mp, bp, d, and polarity

Organic Chemistry Tutorials--University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Common Definitions and Terms

Flashcards-of organic reaction problems

Functional Group Practice

Organic Chem OnLine

Naming Basic Hydrocarbons

Organic Reaction Quizzes and Summaries

IUPAC Nomenclature Organic Chemistry Practice Problems -MI State University
Organic Chemistry by Functional Group Practice Quizzes--generate practice problems based on starting materials

Spectroscopy, IR:

Spectroscopy, Practice Problems:

IR Spectroscopy

Spectroscopy Problems-on-line problems using NMR/IR

IR frequencies and Practice Problems


Structure Problems-on-line problems using several spectroscopic techniques

A few practice IR problems   Integrated Spectra Problems--McGraw Hill
    1H and 13C NMR Problems
  IR, 1H NMR Combined Problems--CU Boulder

Spectroscopy, NMR:



Basics of NMR

Named Reactions:

Intro to NMR


Index of Named Reactions

NMR Resources

MonomerChem-list of named chemical reactions

J-Coupling Values

ChemPen-another list of named chemical reactions

Reference Proton ppm values, with mechanisms


UConn list of Named Reactions

Basic Chemistry:


General Information:

Interactive Periodic Table

American Chemical Society

WebElements-source for data about the elements in the periodic table

Nobel Prizes in Chemistry

Chemical Constants and Conversion Tables

Molecule of the Month

Chemistry Journals-an on-line listing


Green Chemistry at the ACS


Other Interesting Sites:

Want to Explore a Health Care Career?:

Babel fish-a multi-language translation program

Make It in Scrubs-explore what it takes to get into a variety of Health Care professions

Ig Nobel Prizes-winners of the IgNobel awards for really bad science


Chemistry Jokes

History of Chemistry


What's That Stuff?-what's really in hair coloring, Silly Putty, etc?


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