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Greg M. Kim-Ju, Ph.D.

Bio | Courses | Papers and Publications | Research Projects | Cultural Psyc Lab

Contact Information

Title: Associate Professor of Psychology
Spring 2012: Sabbatical
Amador Hall, Room 351-A
E-mail: kimju@csus.edu
(916) 278-6738
(916) 278-6820
Department of Psychology
California State University, Sacramento
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6007



  • PSY 100 Cross-Cultural Psychology (Fall 2012)
  • PSY 122 Qualitative Research in Psychology
  • PSY 135 Psychology of Multicultural Groups

Papers and Publications

Selected Publications

  • Kim-Ju, G. M., & Mark, G. (2007). An Ethnic Studies Community Mobilization Model. In J. Figueroa, B. Baker, & B. Moysupoe, B. (Eds.), Introduction to Ethnic Studies. Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt Publishing.

Selected Presentations

  • Maffini, C., & Kim-Ju, G. M.(2010, August). The relationship among ethnic identity, self-efficacy, and violence with Asian American and Latino youth. Poster presented at the 37th Annual Meeting of the Asian American Psychological Association, San Diego, CA.

  • Merafuentes, N. M., Naemi, P., Lucas, J. M., West, J. A., Holmes, M. S., & Kim-Ju, G. M. (2010, April). Variations in psychological predictors of civic engagement by ethnicity. Poster presented at the 90th Annual Convention of the Western Psychological Association (WPA), Cancun, Mexico.

  • Kim-Ju, G. M. (2009, November). Education in human values: The seeds of social justice. Workshop presented with V. Nambiar, V. and Gadepally at the 16th Annual Multicultural Education Conference, California State University, Sacramento, CA.

  • Kim-Ju, G. M. (2009, May). Creating partnerships between universities and public schools to address K-12 academic and violence issues. Panel presented with Tim P. Fong, Gregory Mark, Fahm Saelee, Melanie Wallace at the California Asian Pacific Islander Policy Summit: “Connecting the Dots: The Catalyst for a Stronger Community Voice,” California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative
    Caucus, Sacramento, CA.

  • Simon, R. H., Merafuentes, N. M., McGrew, K., Harris, J., Taylor, L., Hoffman, N., & Kim-Ju, G. M. (May, 2009). An examination of ethnocultural empathy for White American, Asian American, and Latino college students. Poster presented at the 22nd Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Sciences, San Francisco, CA.

  • Kim-Ju, G. M. (2009, April). Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, community mobilization, and at-risk and violence Issues: Case studies in Honolulu, Hawaii and Sacramento, California. Panel with J. Figueroa, C. Maffini, K. Umemoto, and T.A. Miao for the Association for Asian American Studies Conference, Honolulu, HI.

  • Kim-Ju, G. (2008, August). Collective identities of Korean young adults: A cross-sectional and longitudinal study of two sociopolitical cohorts. Invited presentation at the 116th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association at Boston, MA.


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Research Projects/Interests

  • collective identities (i.e., racial, ethnic, and national identities);
  • the effects of the ethnic composition of social settings on perceptions of ethnicity and race;
  • social and psychological correlates of problem and violent behaviors among African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans.

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Last updated: 01/19/2011