CAG Readings for Kids

ASTRONOMY Chemistry  
Possible new saltwater stains on Mars Heaviest name element is official  
Worlds beyond the solar system This shrimp has a hammer  
Double sunsets on a distant world    
What's the deal with Pluto?    
Did fire or ice shape the valleys of Mars?    


Human Body Cells & Plants Other
Obesity linked to location Genetic Engineering 101 The Bold Traveler
Fats encourage overeating Get smarter the dirty way The extinction of Australia's giant animals

Losing control over sugar

  Scientists zero in on reason for mammoth's demise
Worms, your unlikely allies   Giant dino-eating crocs
Blood does a body good    

Bacteria and behavior

Blood doping in sports    

Just for fun - guts of lots of things that don't relly have guts (Lego men, balloon dogs, Goldfish crackers...)