California State University, Sacramento University of Winsconsin - Madison

Monica Lam, PhD, AAT

Associate Dean for Graduate and External Programs
College of Business Administration

California State University, Sacramento
6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819-6088
Phone: (916) 278-7037 E-mail: FAX: (916) 278-6141

Education  Research


MBA 205 Introduction to Managerial Issues in Information Technology

                MBA 205 Course Syllabus


MIS 101 Computer Information System Management

                MIS 101 Course Syllabus


MIS 124 Web Application Development

                MIS 124 Course Syllabus


MIS 250 Database Design and Administration

                MIS 250 Course Syllabus


MIS 251 Data Warehousing and Data Mining 

                MIS 251 Course Syllabus
MIS 262 Business Project Management 

                MIS 262 Course Syllabus


Proposal Format for Masters Project 500 and Independent Study 299