Proposal Format for MIS299/Masters Projects

Note: This format is for Professor Lam's request only.


1. Background and Overview


2. The Goal of the Project

    2.1     Objective 1

    2.2     Objective 2

    2.3     Objective 3



3. The Significance of the Project

    3.1    Literature Review

    3.2    How do the results of the project supplement/enhance/clarify existing knowledge?

             In other words, what knowledge gaps are you trying to fill?


4. The Research Methodology

    4.1    Some possible methodologies include questionnaire, interview,

             computer experiment, human subject experiment, or in-depth case studies.

    4.2    Statistical methods for analyzing the results.


5. Work Schedule and Resource Requirements of the Project

    5.1    Time Table for Deliverables.

    5.2    Resources for Each Deliverable.

    5.3    How to obtain the required resources?


6. Anticipated Problems for the Project and Contingency Plans


7. Preliminary Reference List