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A. The goals of the Economics Department advising program are to aid Economics major and minor students in:

1.    Planning their academic programs.

2. Learning about career possibilities and course planning for career preparation.

3. Learning about post-baccalaureate study possibilities and course planning for graduate study.

4. Understanding the value of the University's General Education program and the relationship of this program to their interests and career objectives.

5. Interpreting and applying University policies.

6. Using University student services and resources.

7. Becoming acquainted with the Department and its faculty.

B. Statement of Policy

1.  Each Economics major student shall be required to meet with an Economics faculty advisor at least once per year. Minor students shall be encouraged, but not required, to meet with a Department advisor.

2.  Advising meetings shall normally be held during the spring semester following the preparation of the Department's annual schedule of classes.

3.  Every tenured and probationary faculty member in the Department  shall participate in advising and shall be assigned a set of major advisees.

          4.  Every faculty advisor shall maintain his/her competence in academic and career advising.

5.  The Department Chair, with the aid of the Department Secretary, shall coordinate the Department's advising program.

6.  This policy shall be communicated to Major and Minor students.

C. Statement of Procedures

1.  Advisors will routinely be assigned to new majors.   Any student may request an advisor other than the assigned advisor, and the request will be granted.

2.  Advising Appointments.  Following the preparation of the Department's annual schedule of classes in the spring, advising appointments shall be made by students.

3.  Confirmation of Advising.  Following the advising meeting, each student will receive from his/her advisor a confirmation of advising form.  This form shall be signed and given to the Department Secretary for recording in the advising database.

4.  Failure to Seek  Advising.  Each student who fails to file a confirmation of advising form with the Department Secretary by the end of the spring semester shall be sent a letter notifying her/him that an advising meeting must be held in the fall prior to the week before the  CASPER Spring semester registration begins.  Failure to seek fall semester advising by that time will result in a hold being placed on registration privileges for the Spring Semester.

5.  Removal of Registration Hold.  Submission of a confirmation of advising form will release the registration hold.


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