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Chemistry 1A: Dr. Jeffrey A. Mack


Placement testing for S2016 will begin in November, go to HERE for dates and locations. Scores for F2015 will be valid for S16.

Chem 1A/1E: All students who want to register for chem 1A or 1E must pass the chemistry diagnostic exam before instruction begins. The exam will not be offered after the semester begins. NO EXCEPTIONS!

It is most beneficial for students to take the exam as early as possible so that when their registration time comes they are ready to go as opposed to having to wait until the next diagnostic cycle.

  • The test can only be taken once per semester and your score is good for 2 semesters.
  • You must score a minimum of 35 (58%)or greater enroll in chem. 1A/E.
  • The exam cannot be repeated for a better score during a  semester's registration period. If you score below 35 then you must wait until the next semester to retake the exam.
  • If your score is older than two semesters, you must re-take exam.
  • Scores will show in your My Sac State Student Center a few days after you take the exam.
  • If you do not meet the math pre-req's, you will also need to take the IAD/CR. See below.  
Please  follow this link to find out more information on the placement exam.

Please contact Dr. Crawford for more information about Chem. 1E.

Math Requirements

Diagnostic Exam

Textbook information

Mastering Chemistry


Chem. 1A Math Requirements:

Upcoming IAD/CR Exam Dates (Registration with the Math Department required):

The math department will have dates for the IAD/CR up on their web site.

1. Have passed MATH 11 with a C or better so that they are ready for the next level math class.
2. Have taken and passed or be concurrently enrolled in a math class ABOVE  MATH 11.
3. Have a IAD (Intermediate Math Diagnostic Test) or Calculus Readiness (CR) Test score of 27.

Confirming Math Prerequisites:

Students may show transcripts or their IAD or CR Score. If they show the IAD or CR score, it must be 27 or greater.

Student  transcripts or class schedules must show the following:

1. A passing score of C or better in math 11.
2. Any math course where math 11 is a prerequisite such as math 26A/B, math 29 or higher.
3. Stats 1 & 50 DOES meet the requirement if taken at CSUS only.

Math 17 DOES NOT meet the requirements as math 9 is prerequisite.
Math 24 DOES NOT meet the requirements as math 9 is prerequisite.

Chem. 1A Diagnostic Placement Exam

The Chem. 1A Diagnostic exam will be offered during finals week and over the summer break:

Beginning this semester, the Department of Chemistry at CSUS will require that all students enrolled in chem. 1A have taken and met the minimum score on the diagnostic placement test prior to the beginning of classes.

Students that fail to take the test by one week before classes will be administratively dropped and their seats in the course will be filled by those with passing scores on the wait lists.

Please  follow this link to find out more information on the exam.

The exam has 60 questions broken into three parts:

I: Basic math skills needed for chemistry
II: General chemistry knowledge topics
III: Specific chemistry topics

All Students must take the exam to enter chem. 1A.

A minimum score of 35/60 (58.3%) is set at the 65th percentile of all students taking the exam.
This equates to a projected grade of D+/C- in chem. 1A.

Diagnostic exam FAQ's:

Can I take the exam more than one time?

No. Students may only take the exam one time per registration cycle.

I took the exam in a previous semester and scored over 35, do I need to take the exam again?

Passing exam scores are good for one year.

I took chem. 4 and passed with a C or better do I need to take the exam?

Yes. Students that have taken chem. 4 must also take the exam, however  so long as you have a grade of C or better in chem. 4, your score will not affect your enrollment in chem. 1A.

I took another chemistry class at a different college, does that count as passing chem. 4?

No. CSUS does not accept grades from courses equivalent to chem. 4 from other schools.

I am repeating chem. 1A, do I need to take and pass the diagnostic, even if I passed it last semester?

Yes. If you failed to pass the course on your first attempt, then you need to show that you have the requisite preparation for your second attempt by passing the exam with a score of 35 or higher.

What if I don't take the exam before school starts, will I be dropped?

Yes you will. No exceptions.

Required Textbook Package and Additional Class Materials

Chem. 1A will be using "Chemistry a Molecular Approach", 3rd ed. by Nivaldo J. Tro

Tro 3rd Ed.

  • The selected solution manuals and study guide are optional.
  • You will need a calculator that can perform scientific calculations and a notebook for discussion.
  • I also suggest you have a 3-ring binder or some other portfolio to keep track of your papers.
  • You will also need chemistry department approved lab goggles and a lab coat to be worn in the lab sections.
See the Hornet bookstore web site or here for textbook information.

It is expected that you have all of your course materials prior to be start of classes. Issues such as finical aid, fees or scheduling issues are your responsibility. If you are enrolled in the class,  then it is up to you to be prepared. I will have review assignments up on mastering chemistry in mid August.

Please see SacCt for information about your HW for F2015 before ordering your course materials.

Lecture Section 01& 80 will use
Mastering Chemistry
Lecture Section 14 will use

All lab and discussion materials will be available for free download on the course SacCT site when classes begin.

If you are a new student or have never used SacCT, please go through the student tutorials and registration information found here