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The online component of ENGR 115 is being delivered via the Web-based course management system, WebCT. Your course environment is a closed, secure environment. Your class is only accessible to registered students, the instructor, and the WebCT administrator.

You have been assigned a login ID and an initial password. Once you have successfully logged into ENGR 115, Statistics for Engineers, you should use the WebCT password tool and change your password.

To access WebCT:

  1. Open your Web browser software -- Netscape or Internet Explorer.
  2. Type the URL
  3. Select Course Listing
  4. Select Civil Engineering Category
  5. Look for the course title.
  6. Enter your last name in ALL CAPITAL letters for your login ID.
  7. Enter the last four digits of your social security number as the initial password.

Note: You should change your password from the Student Tools" selection on the course homepage. Link to the "Contents" section for further information on WebCT.


Send problems, comments or suggestions to:

California State University, Sacramento
Department of Civil Engineering
College of Engineering and Computer Science

Updated: August 22, 2002