Please Father
Teach him to read father.
You are misguided my son.
He will be but a child.
We are all children in God's eyes.
Teach him to understand.
He does already.
We have taught him the way of the Lord.
Teach him to speak.
I am his voice.
He is heard through me.
He must grow.
Of course, as the lamb grows,
the chosen of the Lord.
Let him find joy.
Joy is not of this world but of another.
Free him.
He is free.
I take his burdens.
The Church takes them.
He is turning his back on you.
He will return.
We have patience.
We know the path he must take.
He is poor . . . a peasant, a worker, a miner.
His place is foretold.
He will work.
He will die.
Death is the final arbiter for rich and poor.
- Charles Martell

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