Courses Taught

Business Statistics




System Analysis and Design (MIS 116A)


Software Development Project


Introduction to Data Processing


Management Information Systems (MIS 221)
Production Management Systems Analysis (Problem Solving)
Operations Research Research Methods
COBOL Information Resource Management
Decision Support and Expert Systems


Systems Analysis and Design (MIS 116A)

This Undergraduate course provides the concepts, tools and techniques required to analyze and design business information systems. The course emphasizes structured development approaches, use of a case tool, and development of system prototypes. It involves a team system development project for an active Sacramento business firm.

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Management Information Systems (MIS 221)

This Graduate course describes the use of information technology (IT) as a management resource. Focus is on management decision making related to telecommunications, database, system development, and decision support systems. It also includes use of technology to reengineer the business organization. This is a distance learning course using (1) lecture/discussion, (2) Critical thinking assignments, (3) an experimental research paper, and (4) electronic media

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