Japanese Tutors Needed 

Are you an educated Japanese speaker and enrolled as a student at CSUS?

The Japanese program at Sac State is looking for Japanese speakers who can tutor first, second, and third-year Japanese language students.

Japanese tutors earn academic credit (JAPN 195) by working three hours per week for each unit of academic credit. Students can earn up to three units of credit per semester. For those who want to do Special Major in Japanese, you may count this credit towards it.

Tutors meet with language students in one of three ways:

1. They come to Japanese language classes and assist teachers in many ways (oral practice, grading, etc.)

2. They hold regular office hours (Tutoring Center, MRP 2007 or Practice Lab MRP 2002). Tutors schedule their office hours to be available to the largest number of Japanese language students as possible.

3. They schedule weekly meetings with individual students who cannot make the regularly scheduled hours of other tutors. These meeting can take place in the Tutoring Center or in a place more convenient to the tutor and student(s).

If you would like to apply to serve as a tutor for the Japanese Program, please contact Dr. Kazue Masuyama to arrange an interview: kmasuyama@csus.edu.

For those who want to continue to work as a tutor, please inform me your interest via email.

Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you!