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A practicing attorney in Sacramento, I teach Business Law at CSUS. I blend current events and issues into my classes to help make my teaching as relevant as possible.

My law practice focuses on project development, environmental law and business transactions associated with energy and regulation. My research focuses on Administrative Law and the Regulation of Business. I work at Livingston and Mattesich Law Corporation

I am a former CSUS student with a B.A. in Economics. Before I came to CSUS, I served in the Navy on Submarines where I was a Nuclear Power Plant Operator, Electrician, and a Navy Diver. After graduating from CSUS I completed my Law Degree at UC Davis School of Law. 



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The Former Testimony Rule
Education and "STAR"


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The Limited Liability Company
Environmental Protection
Administrative Law
Natural Resources and Energy


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California State Bar
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Succeeding in College


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