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Spring 2017

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Just a little bit about my academic life. Any questions or comments, feel free to email me.

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Fall 2016:
Soc 127: Men, Masculinity and Society
Provost Faculty Fellowship

Spring 2017:
Soc 150: Social Psychology
Provost Faculty Fellowship

Summer 2017, 1st session:
Sociology 126: Gender: Hybrid Course





Sociology 169 Website

Bullying Classroom Resources


Department of Sociology

College Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

Papers, Publications, and Projects:

Curriculum Vitae

Teacher Engagement with Bullying: Managing an Identity within a School. Sociological Spectrum, 35: 84-108.

Typologies of Men's Friendships: Constructing Masculinity through them. Masculinities and Social Change 3: 119-147.

Do Regional Associations Meet the Career Needs of Teacher-Scholars? American Sociologist (W/ Jennifer Murphy), 45: 274-291.

Bullying as a Social Experience: Social Factors, Prevention and Intervention (Book), 2015 from Ashgate Publishers (w/ Juliana Raskauskas)

An Exploration of Pain, Injury, and Identity in Women’s Professional Football, Sport in Society 17: 176-189. (w/ Ellen Berg; R. Anzini-Varesio)

Small Scale Bullying Prevention Discussion Video for Classrooms: A Preliminary Evaluation, published in Children and Schools (w/ Juli Raskauskas), 35: 71-81.

Using Grounded Theory for Writing Assessment, published in The WAC Journal (w/ Dan Melzer), 22: 79-90.

Plural Masculinities: The Remaking of the Self in Private Life: A Review, published in Contemporary Sociology, 40.

Happily Ever After: Women's Interaction with Romantic Comedies and the Impact on their Relationship, published in Studies in Symbolic Interaction, 37, 195-219.

An exploration of benefits and challenges of women's professional football participation (with E. Berg), published in the International Review of Sociology of Sport, 42: 271-287.

Student Resource Guide: Kimmel's The Gendered Society Reader

Addressing Deceptive Distinctions, published in Free Inquiry in Creative Sociology

Men's Friendships: Performances of Masculinity, published in Journal of Men's Studies

The Social Construction of an Athlete: African Americans Boys' Experiences in Sport, published in Western Journal of Black Studies

Service Learning Course: SOC 169: Course and Website (with E. Berg)

Writing Resources:

Citation in Sociology

Citation Example Paragraph

ASA Citation for Sociology Papers

What is a Thesis?


CSUS Writing Resource Center


Research Projects/Interests:

Representations of African American Men through Movies (Undergraduate Research Project)

30+ Year Relationship Interviews

Bully Video Creation: Teacher Classroom Use

Bullying Classroom Resources

Project SAFE: Interdisciplinary Bullying and Molestation Program

Bullying: A Symbolic Interactionist Approach (with C. Quinn).

Women's Football (Conducted with Dr. E. Berg): An exploratory and comprehensive study of the experiences within a women's professional football league.

Friendship Study: Continuing study of the differing dynamics of friendship, different types of friends, and different forms of intimacy in friendship, with emphasis on gender differences.

Sports Identity Research (Conducted with Dr. S. Melzer)

Family Violence Research: Battered Husbands


Professional Associations:

American Sociological Association

Pacific Sociological Association

California Sociological Association

American Men's Studies Association

North American Society for the Study of Sport

Society for the Study of Social Problems

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