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Extra Credit is available for these events (limit 3 per semester per student).

Tuesday, Nov. 2, Jeff Lustig will be giving the Livingston Lecture on universities and political purpose. 3 PM in Ballroom I. Do a one page write-up explaining what Prof. Lustig said and how it resonated with you.








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Chapters 3, 4, 8 from Gerston (CA Politics) are here: www.cengagesites.com/academic/?site=4351

Username: politics

Password: chapters10


Paper Assignment Sheet (posted now).

Volunteer Verification Sheet (you need to attach it to the paper)

List of volunteer organizations (This is now updated -- keep coming back for any additions.

Here is a helpful guide to the difference between high school and college. First year students should certainly read it, but everyone can benefit.

Some items of interest:

A radio show on guantanamo bay prisoners is available here: http://www.thislife.org/Radio_Episode.aspx?episode=331 You can stream it for free -- or even download the podcast for free. It is worth listening to. Oh, and there is a transcript if you just want to read it. Reading works too!

Interested in Presidential signing statements? here is a comprehensive article on it from the Boston Globe.

How to read the New York Times (advice from another prof - not specifically for this class)

Identify your own ideology with this test.