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Research Paper Assignment Sheet The outline is due April 9, and should include your research question, a short literature section, and some ideas about what evidence you will bring to bear on the question.

Recent articles on content related to the course:

Some evidence that we are wired for cooperation here.

Apparently red staters subscribe to more "adult entertainment" than blue staters. Article here.

George Lakoff discusses his models and Obama here.

How much of your political orientation is genetic? An article is here.

Brains of liberals and conservatives differ -- liberals more tolerant of uncertainty, conservatives less so. Details here.

Robert Putnam's newer research shows that diversity works AGAINST social capital. Details here.

Here is a sight that uses a different version of morality than that set forth by Lakoff. It even has a moral questionnaire. www.YourMorals.org

This study applies social science to a peculiar problem -- probably more amusing to professors than students, but I thought you might be amused too. http://www.easternct.edu/personal/faculty/adams/Resources/Grannies.pdf

  • Check out this research organization called "Media Curves". They ask respondents to watch a video presentation while they record their reactions. You can watch the lines move -- they break them out by party affiliation.
  • Here is a great site for brushing up on (or learning) some political science research methods. If you are reading an article, and want to better understand what they are doing, the answer may be on POWERMUTT.
  • Here is a straightforward guide to making an academic argument - it may be helpful for your weekly papers and discussions.
  • I stumbled upon a site that lets you take a "moral politics" test to see where you fall in Lakoff's conception. It seems flawed, but I'll let you judge for yourselves.
  • here is a "Fire and Ice" test, so you can rank yourself on a scale of political/cultural values.

**note: most required books have been placed on reserve at the library. So, if you want to save money, you could photocopy or read from the reserve copies.

Identify your own ideology with this test.