The final exam includes everything we have read this semester and all of the lectures/ discussions.  That means:


Clawson and Oxley chapters 1-5, 7-10, and 12

Fowler chapters 1-4, 6, 7, and 10

The exit poll piece on

The Lascher et al piece from the Journal of Politics

Lakoff article




Concepts to know:





§         Media/ public polls, private polls and hired pollsters, mail-back questionnaires, mood or mandate from elections, demographics of district, direct communication from constituents, letters to the editor, opinion leaders within the district.


§         Skewed partisanship in district, franking, name recognition, quality challengers, money, known vs. unknown candidate




·                    Deliberative polling – how, why, what

·                    Poll analysis concerns

·                    Elements of responsible poll reporting by media outlets

·                    Interviewing concerns – standardization, interviewer effects, etc.


Review your lecture notes carefully and make sure that you have notes from any days you may have missed.


The exam is open note only.   Good luck.