Smart and relevant articles for the well-informed citizen:

Excerpts from President Bush's end of the year Press Conference on Dec. 20, 2004. Emphasis put on interesting comments that show a distain for the press. Shortened version here. Whole thing at C-Span here. (click on Bush Admin on left and then look for end-of-year press conf. video)

The Bush and Kerry voters have completely different outlooks on what exactly the facts are - though one side has actual fact on its side and the other has Fox News. Read the amazing study here.

The famous article about how President Bush makes decisions based on faith rather than on facts here.

The reconstruction - a report from the ground by Naomi Klein

How are women in Iraq faring? Find out here.

We are always looking for the truth in campaigns - here's one on the stretching thereof.

Voters tend to attribute positions they like to candidates they support, and are sometimes quite incorrect about the candidate's actual position. Here's a PIPA study on just that, vis-a-vis Bush, Kerry, and Foreign Policy.

The information sources a citizen uses matter. This PIPA study shows that viewers of some networks are more likely to have misinformation than others. Cut and paste this address: 

Voters sometimes vote against their own self-interest. Larry Bartels investigates just why that is here.

Colin Powell talks to student journalists about freedom of the press here

The Pentagon has been debating how far it can/should go in spreading disinformation via international media. That's right, the government is trying to figure out what the pros and cons are to actively lying to the media. NYT article here

Conservative commentator Armstrong Williams was apparently paid by the Bush Administration to hype the No Child Left Behind Act on his TV program and in his newspaper column. This may very well be illegal, and is certainly unethical. Story here.