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We are underway. Please remember to turn in your forms as soon as your week is over so that we can begin data entry.

Volunteer Resource Page

Thank you for volunteering to help us monitor local TV News coverage of the 2006 Mid-term election! Your help will enable us to study the information provided to voters in the Sacramento region. If you are a new volunteer, go to the "contact us" page and let us know that you are willing to help.

If you are done with your week, please mail or bring your completed forms and stopwatch to: Professor Nalder, 3121 Tahoe Hall (if you bring it in person) or mail it to: Professor Nalder, Department of Government, California State University, Sacramento, 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819-6089. ***Please send them in as soon as you can so that we can begin data entry.

You will need a data collection form for each half-hour broadcast that you watch. The form is available here.

You will also need a code sheet to tell you what numbers to enter into the grid on the data collection form. You can download it here. ***The code sheet has changed slightly, with more categories for "who is shown".***

Forgot which week you signed up for? Check the sign-up sheet here. If your slot has a weekend showing, please record it too. Please note that weeks start on Saturday and end on Sunday. Please note that Channel 19 is Spanish language - be sure you speak Spanish! Also, boxes indicate recent changes in time or person - please make note. There is still one slot available. Let me know if you are willing to do it.

When you are done with your week, please return your stopwatch (if you got one), and the completed sheets to Tahoe Hall (on the CSUS campus) 3121 or to the Government Department office on the third floor of Tahoe Hall.