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Tuesday, Nov. 2, Jeff Lustig will be giving the Livingston Lecture on universities and political purpose. 3 PM in Ballroom I. Do a one page write-up explaining what Prof. Lustig said and how it resonated with you.


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Final Exam Study Guide (from 2009)

Term project assignment sheet:

Dissect the News Assignment Sheet

Other stuff:

See Ad Watches from Fall 2006 here

Media Analysis Sites - Useful for the course AND your own edification

Media Outlets

Watch PBS Frontline series on what has become of American Journalism Here.

Want to see how international news organization see the U.S.? Watching America has it.

What is public opinion like in the rest of the world? See some polls here.

A great media analysis site is the Center for Media and Public Affairs.

If you haven't listened to it, NPR's program "On the Media" does an amazing job of covering issues concerning media coverage and politics. If you go to their website, you can listen to segments from the program online. Check it out here.

How to read the New York Times (advice from another prof - not specifically for this class)

Identify your own ideology with this test.

Want to know how members of congress are voting and how they match up to different interest group positions? Look no further.