Media Critique Resources


Media Research (academic)

Project for Excellence in Journalism - reports on news coverage - especially check out their "news index" which quantifies exactly which topics are getting the most media coverage. Excellent resource.

PR Watch - a group that identifies spin and propaganda coming from the government.

Campaign Desk - Campaign coverage from the Columbia Journalism Review. Nonpartisan and academic.

Fact Check - From the Annenberg School of Public Policy. Checks the factual claims made by candidates and points out inaccuracies. Nonpartisan and academic. A good source for a little grounded truth amid all the partisanship.

Social Science Research Council - Media Research Hub

Center for Media and Public Affairs - Non-partisan analysis of entertainment and news media as related to public concerns.

Pew Research Center for People and the Press -respected, non-partisan, conducts surveys on media and politics.

Stats - A site that looks at statistics reported in the news and determines accuracy of reporting. From George Mason University.

Annenberg School Election Studies

American Journalism Review

Annenberg School of Journalism - for practicing journalists with reports on issues of interest


Non-Partisan sources

Spinsanity - A non-partisan "anti-spin" site - takes both parties to task for misleading the public


Campaign Ads - The American Museum of the Moving Image - an amazing storehouse of campaign commercials since the 50's

On the Media - a program broadcast on National Public Radio dealing with issues surrounding the media - can be streamed online from this site.

Media Watch Group Sites (with a point of view)

Information Clearinghouse - Bills itself as "News you won't find on CNN and FOXnews" - the stories are depressing, be seem to be accurate.  

Media Matters - Progressive Site dedicated to identifying and correcting "conservative misinformation" in the media. Founded by David Brock, a former Republican insider turned liberal.

AIM - Accuracy in Media. A conservative media watchdog group. "For Fairness, Balance, and Accuracy in News Reporting."

Media Research Center - A conservative media watch organization.


Take Back the Media - A liberal media watch site.

FAIR - Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. An anti-censorship group.

Alternet - A liberal media culture watch site.

Relevant Articles

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