Political Behavior/ Partisanship

One of the most insightful scholars working on party identification is not a political scientist, but rather a linguist by the name of George Lakoff. Read about his ideas on metaphor here. On Framing effects here. More articles here Note: Lakoff is an unabashed liberal and some of the linked writings reflect that.

Did Bush really win in 2004 because of his ability to project masculinity and his successful tagging of Kerry as feminine? Explore that idea here. Follow-up to that article here.

Are blue-staters out of touch with the "morality" of the red states? Hear a red state point of view from Richard Viguerie, who has been called the "funding father" of the conservative movement. He appeared on NPR's Fresh Air on December 15, 2004. Listen here.

Maybe we don't really WANT to participate more in politics. Maybe Americans would prefer to have it all taken care of for them by somebody they trust. Political Scientist John Hibbing has some interesting findings along those lines here.

Why do voters vote against their own economic self interest? They often support policies that hurt them and their families too. This makes no sense to some of us, but Larry Bartels has some compelling arguments here.

The separate realities of Dems and Reps - the two camps have very different views of what exactly the facts are. Read the PIPA study here.


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