Polling Techniques Group Project


Names of Group Members:






Topic: Opinions on the health care reform debate


Your group is: (circle)


Academic Researchers                        Pollsters for the Republican Party

Pollsters for the Democratic Party      The NYT/ ABC poll


(You need the results 1 week after you begin the poll.  Your funds are limited.)


Design:  How will you draw your sample?  How many respondents will you need?  How will you conduct the survey?  Be specific.



Questions: (minimum of 8) with response choices.  Assume that basic demographic questions are already being asked.  You are focusing on specific content.


            Be careful about: order of questions, response options, terms used, standardized    format for all interviewers, etc.


            You are being graded on the degree to which you understand the concepts surrounding survey design – especially question design.



We will evaluate your questions in class after they are due.  The questions are due on Monday the 15th in class.  Your group may want to meet on the 10th during class time.



Please print them carefully and clearly on a separate piece of paper which includes all group member’s names.