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Information on polls and polling accuracy

Mystery pollster - "Demystifying the art and science of political polling"

The debate over weighting for party composition here.

A primer on polling itself at the Roper Center here.

Free and containing a range of information: up to date info on current election polls - searchable  The site for Zogby International, the political polling agency for the Reuters news agency, mostly on electoral choice.  This site reports the latest results from the CBS Television News/New York Times poll. A service of The Polling Report, a nonpartisan clearinghouse for public opinion data; provides free reports on current opinion on politics, the economy, and popular culture.  The site for polls conducted by the ABC TV News/Washington Post polling unit.  The site for polls conducted by NBC the NBC Television News/Wall Street Journal.  The site for the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, an independent
research group that conducts surveys in depth about current issues.
  The Center polls ona regular basis
about public attentiveness to news stories, and charts trendsin fundamental social and political values.
A nonpartisan site designed to inform the public .Gives public opinion data organized by topic. Includes both original studies and summaries of other work. Also includes data and information related to topics other than public opinion data . This website archives recent ABC polls, and has links to polls that ABC conducts in conjunction with the Washington Post.


Paid and/or limited:


  •  Sponsored by the National Journal, provides the most complete up-to-date polling information on electoral contests, but requires a paid subscription to access the information.


  •  The site for the Gallup Poll - some free content, some restricted to subscribers.








Scholarly Data Archives

  •  The site for the University Consortium for Social and Political  Research.  This site is home to the National Election Studies (NES), and archives the General Social Survey and the World Values Survey, as well as others.
  •  The site for the National Opinion Research Center.  This site is home to the General Social Survey and other NORC studies.
  •  The site for the Roper Center, which houses the GallupPoll, media polls, plus others.   
  • archive.  The archive associated with the University of North Carolina, home to the Harris Poll as well as more than 350 state level studies.
  •  "Data on the Net" maintained by the University of California at San Diego This site also provides links to other social data bases.

Data Archives for Non-American Surveys. 

  •  A British based opinion research firm and archive.  MORI holds mostly British opinion data, but also conducts and archives occasional cross-national studies.


Polling Organizations


  •  The site for the American Association for Public Opinion Research, the oldest and most prestigious of the polling organizations.  The also includes a        complete index to articles published in The Public Opinion Quarterly.
  •  The site for the World Association for Public Opinion Research.  The site often contains useful articles about opinion research.
  •  The site for the Council of American Survey Research Organizations. The primary organization for those doing commercial survey research.
  • This is a website devoted to issues of applied probability pitched at an undergraduate or informed  laypersons level. There are frequent discussions of polling issues and other data issues of interest to social scientists.
  •  The Statistical Assessment Service (STATS) is a nonpartisan research organization in Washington, DC. It serves as a resource for journalists and other      interested parties on controversies involving social data. Public opinion and public opinion polls are a frequent topic addressed on this website.
  •  Richard Morin and Claudia Deane write a regular column for the Washington Post called “The Poll Watchers.” It is a good source for informed commentary on current issues regarding the measurement and reporting of public opinion. The best way to find their column is go to the Washington Post web site, and at “Site Search” in the upper right hand corner do a search for “Morin.”
  • Professor James Stimson of the University of North Carolina maintains an updated version of the public’s “policy mood” (Figure 47 in APO) on his web page. Just click on his name at the political science web site.
  • The website for Polling the Nations, a comprehensive collection of public opinion data from the U.S. and more then 80 other countries.  There are more than 350,000 survey items archived, but one must pay a subscription fee to access them.


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