Election 2006 Campaign Coverage on Local TV data collection form

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Time______________ Channel__________ Name of Program______________


News Stories

Data type

Story A

Story B

Story C

Story D

Story E

Story F

Story (give each election-related story a title)







Office(s) or Initiative(s) featured in the story







Story frame(s)







Story length (from anchor intro to end of topic)







Story placement in newscast (before 1st ad, etc.)







Who is shown or interviewed (can be multiple)







Balance - time spent covering both sides?







Comments and notes:







Data type

Ad A

Ad B

Ad C

Ad D

Ad E

Ad F

Ad G

Ad H

Ad I

Ad J

Ad K

Ad L

Office or Initiative













Length of ad (timed)













Positive or Negative?













Ad sponsor (should be mentioned in text at end of ad)













Comments and notes: