Election Discrepancies

In a democracy, one of the fundamental rights is the right to vote and have your vote counted. For many reasons, the current system in the U.S. cannot guarantee that votes are counted fairly and accurately. Some resources on the topic:


A site devoted to "investigating the accuracy of elections" at US Count Votes

A site looking into the 2004 election results here

A cool map showing the types of voting equipment used in different parts of the country here.

The mysterious case of a voting machine wrongly giving Bush 4,000 extra votes in a precinct with only 600 some voters. Read about it here.

A report on nationwide irregularities here.

A Yale law school professor makes a statement about voting irregularities here.

An opinion piece on the public apathy about accurate vote counts here.

Documentation of the dirty tricks committed in the 2004 election here.

A great story on vote suppression and fraud tricks on This American Life radio show - you can listen to it here. (the show broadcast on 10/29/04 called "Swing Set".