Iraq and Afghanistan and War

Iraqbodycount - the number of civilians killed by U.S. and coalition action in Iraq

Official 9/11 Commission Report - what went wrong on 9/11, and what should we do to avoid such a thing in the future?

A 9/11 commission report that was withheld until after the election and then only released in a redacted form shows that the FAA got 52 warnings about Al Queda and bin Laden and hijackings in the several months leading up to the horrible day. Why was this not acted upon?

Torture Memos - review of memos relevant to the torture scandal

CIA intelligence estimate on future climate in Iraq

Cost of War - looks at how much the Iraq war has cost so far and what else we could have paid for with the money

Voice of America - U.S. Government sponsored news - broadcast abroad

Department of State - page on Iraq

Iraq war coalition casualty count

U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan

Other casualties in Afghanistan

Reconstruction - how is it going?

Women - how are women (more than half the population) doing in Iraq and Afghanistan? You don't hear much in the U.S. media, but a few exceptions are here.

Human Rights Watch - Respected international organization that has reports on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan and the rest of the world too.

Operation Truth - Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan reporting about what they experienced there.