Thought Questions for Exam 1

Hao Nguyen


1.†† Why is it necessary to have more than one immune response to protect your body from infection?Isnít one type of immunity sufficient?


2.†† Why is it necessary to require more than one type of leukocyte to respond to an infection?Seems like the macrophages are very efficient and capable of phagocytosing any pathogen.


3.†† Think about all the pathways and components/proteins that are involved in the Complement System, is all that necessary?How is each Complement pathway activated?What is the ultimate goals of the complement system?


4.†† What is/are the role of the proteases in the complement system?What is/are the role of membrane receptors in innate immunity?


5.†† Your body spends a lot of energy, time, and resources to carry out the proliferation of pluripotent hematopoietic cells from the bone marrow.These cells are transported to different organs/areas and, then, allowed to be further differentiated into functional cells.Why so complex?


6.†† Name all the Primary and Secondary Lymphoid Organs/Tissues.


7.†† Discuss the importance of Pattern Recognition during the Innate Immune System.


8.†† Describe the role of cytokines and chemokines.What types of signal transduction pathway might be involved (as discussed in class)?


9.†† How and why is an Inflammatory Response induced?Name and describe the function of all molecules, structures, and cell types involved.


10†† What is the function of a Toll-like Receptor?Describe the activation of a Toll-like Receptor, then describe the signal transduction pathway or pathways that is/are activated, in turn.


11.Discuss the roles of inflammatory mediators, cytokines, and chemokines.Why are all 3 important and necessary?


12.Discuss the Acute-Phase Response.What are Acute-Phase proteins?What are their function(s) in the Innate Immunity?


13.How can your body defend itself against possible attack by its own Complement System?