Biology 183 - Cancer Biology

Thought Questions for Exam 3

Hao Nguyen


1.   What is a secondary tumor?  How can one distinguish between a primary and secondary tumor?


2.   Describe the process of tumorigenesis.  What is clonal expansion?  What is a cloning or a clone?  How is the accumulation of DNA mutations involved?


3.   Describe the invasion-metastasis process.  Name all molecules, structures, and processes that are involved.  What is an embolus?  What is a thrombus?  How are an embolus and a thrombus related?  What is the difference between metastasis and invasion?


4.   Describe the difference between Invasion and Metastasis.  How does each process related to carcinogenesis?


5.   Describe the difference between Vascularization and Angiogenesis.  What is Tumor Angiogenesis?  Why does this process have to occur (i.e. what is the function)?


6.   Describe types of treatment mentioned in class.  For each treatment, describe possible side-effects.  Why do these side-effects occur?


7.   What are risk factors?  How can determining risk factors help in treatment and/or prevention of carcinogenesis?


8.   What is Epidemiology?  How is epidemiology used to understand carcinogenesis?  How is epidemiology used toward better prevention and treatment therapies?