Minutes of the EEE Graduate Committee 10/7/05


Present: Oldenburg, Pang, Heedley


  1. A draft of the tentative EEE department 2-year course offering schedule was presented for comment. It was noted that some of the elective core courses were not listed in the Spring semesters. (Oldenburg has clarified with Ramesh that all graduate core and elective core courses (except for EEE 260) will be scheduled each semester. Ramesh has specified that the final draft of the 2-year course offerings will only show the elective courses in the undergraduate and graduate program schedules.) It was also noted the EEE 110 has now been replaced by EEE 196K. A copy of the revised schedule will be posted on the web site under this meeting date.


It was noted the EEE 296G and EEE 296J have been offered twice, and should now be considered for permanent course designation. Milica Markovic and Cynthia Colinge will be contacted about preparing respective new course proposals. Jing Pang is in the process of preparing a new 296 course, which should be ready for consideration at a meeting in the near future.


  1. Oldenburg presented a third draft of Project Guidelines for consideration by the committee. It included the changes suggested at the previous meeting in September. There was general agreement that the draft guidelines were now acceptable, and that they should be posted on the M. S. Program web page. Oldenburg will also incorporate the guidelines into one of the EEE 201 course assignments.


  1. Heedley presented draft requirements for a Project/Thesis Contract for graduate students. Several of the proposed requirements were discussed, and some modifications were suggested. Further discussion of the draft will be on the agenda for the November meeting. A partially revised draft from Heedley will be posted under this meeting date on the web site. Comments should be directed to Heedley.