Minutes of the EEE Graduate Committee – 1/27/06


Present:  Oldenburg, Pang, Heedley, Gonen, Matthews, Ramesh, Kumar


  1. Information Items…


    1. The EEE Graduate Laboratory in SCL-1237 should be ready to open sometime next month.  We are currently waiting for the arrival of new tables.  The chairs, lockers, and workstations are all in place.  This will be an “open laboratory” for EEE graduate students.  Lock codes will be distributed when the laboratory is ready to open.
    2. The 20th Annual California State University Student Research Competition has been announced (see www.csus.edu/rsp/ )  EEE graduate students have been very successful in this competition in the past, and faculty advisors are urged to encourage their project/thesis students to consider entering this year.
    3. One Petition for Special Consideration was received from an EEE graduate student.  The Graduate Committee considered the request and made its recommendation.  Oldenburg will communicate the decision to the student and place the petition and recommendations in the student’s file.


  1. Enrollment data as of 1/27/06 was distributed for all of the EEE graduate courses offered this Spring semester.  The data indicate that all courses that are currently open in the schedule have reached sufficient enrollment, and that none will have to be cancelled.  Oldenburg reported that their were 15 new international EEE graduate students attending the International Student Orientation held earlier this month, and that this typically indicates that approximately 30 new international students will be joining the program this Spring.  Some have notified the Coordinator that they will be delayed in arriving, but most will be here by next week.  Many students are still “shopping” for elective courses and will need to finalize their enrollment this week.


  1. Ramesh reported that EEE 215, 222 225, 249, and 261, which had been identified for possible deletion by the University, have been re-justified and will remain in our course inventory.  Further discussion ensued concerning the inventory of EEE graduate courses and the levels of enrollment in each over the past two academic years.  It was agreed that a priority this semester will be to carefully consider the course offerings scheduled for Fall ’06 and Spring ’07 to make sure that they will meet the needs of our current graduate student body.  EEE 296F and EEE 296J were identified as courses needing to be revised as experimental offerings, or be proposed for addition to the course catalog. 


  1. Heedley presented the latest (2nd) draft requirements for a Project/Thesis Contract for graduate students.  The proposed requirements were discussed, and some additional modifications and additions were suggested.  Heedley will continue accepting suggestions until the Graduate Committee meets next month.  At that time, it is anticipated that we will be able to vote on adoption of the draft.  A third revised draft from Heedley will be posted under this meeting date on the web site.  Comments should be directed to Heedley.


  1. The next meeting of the Graduate Committee is schedule for Friday, February 24, at the usual time and in the usual place.