EEE Graduate Committee Meeting



Those in attendance:Suresh Vadhva (Chair, substituting for John Oldenburg), Preetham Kumar, Cindy Colinge, Perry Heedley, Wang Ng, Tom Matthews


Suresh called the meeting to order at 11:08a.m.


I.                    Course Change Proposals

A.     EEE 230 Ė to replace EEE 235.Suresh stated the importance of noting in the catalog that students who have taken EEE 235 cannot take EEE 230 and double count the courses in their curriculum

MOTION:To approve the course change proposal for EEE 235

†††††††††† Passed unanimously (Suresh)

B.     EEE 296L and 296M Ė Suresh recommended that EEE 296L be alternated semesterly with EEE 296M.Heedley concurred and it was decided that 296L will be offered in Fall semesters and 296M will be offered in Spring.Student who have taken EEE 296H will not be able to EEE 296L for credit.

MOTION:To approve the course change proposals for EEE 296L and 296M together. (Suresh)Heedley seconded.

Passed unanimously.

II.                 Oral comprehensive exam

A.     Suresh started the dialogue by warning against constraining the committee administrating an oral exam with too much structure.Discussion ensued.

B.     Structure of the committee

1.      Students must select at least one faculty member outside of the studentís chosen area and at least one from in the area as well

2.      The committee constitutes three members, at least two of which must be faculty members in the EEE department.

3.      Students can nominate committee members, however all committee members must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator.

4.      The Committee Chair will be the faculty member in the studentís area of specialty.

C.     Questions to be asked

1.      Those pertaining to the studentsí area of specialty: the student will be furnished with a list of possible areas to be discussed pertaining to the studentís area of study

2.      Also, at least one elective area shall be chosen by the student to be reviewed.


D.     Committee Decision

1.      The majority rule of the three member committee will dictate the studentís passage of the oral exam.


MOTION:To recommend to the Graduate Coordinator that students opting to take an oral exam enroll in two units of Culminating Experience (course number to be determined).

††††††††††† (Suresh) Heedley second.Approved unanimously.


III.April agenda: microwave curriculum and courses to be taught in the Fall 2005 semester.Specialty area advising procedures must be approved by the end of the April 2005.


Meeting adjourned at 11:43a.m.

Minutes by James Wilson