Draft Project Guidelines  --  Dr. Cynthia Colinge


A Master’s project is not just a report on a specific topic.  Projects,

in general, must have an engineering component which requires the student

to analyze or solve a problem.  The scope of the project will often be

large enough to require the student to build a piece of equipment to

conduct the experiments required for the problem solution. 


            Project reports should follow these guidelines:


Chapter 1:  This consists of a review and background information on the

topic that leads to a clear statement of the problem and the scope of the

project; specifically what you are going to do and why.


Chapter 2:  This portion is a concise description of the experiments or

any other work that was done.


Chapter 3: This includes the results of your work, analysis of the

results including any conclusions that were reached, and recommendations

for future work.


References: Citation and reference format are clearly described in the

Graduate Studies guidelines.  http://www.csus.edu/gradstudies/forms.htm or on the IEEE website.  Projects will be returned unread if they contain improperly referenced articles.


Academic dishonesty, including but not limited to plagiarism, WILL NOT be

tolerated.  As stated in the CSUS Catalog, Appendix C, cheating or

plagiarism in connection with an academic program is grounds for

expulsion, suspension and probation.  DO NOT copy work from other

authors.  All work you submit MUST be your own including all figures.  We ask that you include appropriate reference citations and submit the entire referenced work to

us when you present your report.