[DRAFT]   EEE Comprehensive Examination – Format              5/12/05


Format for EEE Comprehensive Exam -- Written


1.      The written exam will last 2 hours and will cover core material from EEE 241, EEE 243, and EEE 244 for students operating under the 2004 – 06 or earlier catalog requirements, or EEE 244 and two of the Elective Area Core Courses (EEE 211, 260, 230 (formerly 235), 250, 285) for students operating under the revised catalog (beginning Fall 2004).  Specific outlines of this material will be sent to the student in November, 2005.


2.      The candidate may use reference texts and note materials of his/her choice, along with a calculator. 


3.      Passing score is set at 50%.  Tentative exam date:  12/12/05, 5 - 7 p.m., RVR-3014


Format for EEE Comprehensive Exam – Oral


1.      Prerequisite is successful completion of the EEE Comprehensive Exam – Written.


2.      The Graduate Coordinator must have an approved committee of three faculty examiners (see below) by November 23, 2005.  The determination of this committee and their willingness to serve is the responsibility of the candidate.


3.      The committee will have 2 hours to ask relevant questions of the candidate concerning the application of concepts covered in his/her elective area of study.


4.      Exam date T.B.A. for each candidate.


Structure of the committee:


1.      Candidates must select at least one faculty member outside of the candidate’s chosen specialty area and at least one from within the area.

2.      The committee will be composed of three members, at least two of whom must be faculty members in the EEE department.

3.      Candidates can nominate committee members, however all committee members must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator.

4.      The Committee Chair will be a faculty member in the candidate’s area of specialty.


Questions to be asked:


1.      The Committee will furnish the candidate with a list of possible subject areas to be examined.

2.      One of the subject areas shall be chosen by the candidate.


Committee Decision:


1.      The majority vote of the three member committee will determine the candidate’s passage of the oral exam.  The decision on pass/fail must be based upon the candidate’s performance in this exam.